Case Study: Guerilla Marketing Custom Koozies Technique

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In this world full of media, there is no dearth of promotion techniques. But all of us know that there is no limit to perfection. There is nothing so special about promotion unless it catches people’s attention. As I said my other article Reaching Potential Customers Easily you must find an easy way to reach your target audience. So an advertiser to increase awareness about a particular product should try something mind blowing. Custom Printed Koozies are the latest and coolest at the same time. Ever thought of a can cooler promoting a product, an institution or a cause? If not just get a glimpse of the products and experience the fun of marketing with custom koozies. Traditional items like pens and caps have given way new utility items such as can coolers given the fact they are a lot more cheap yet useful when it comes to serving the purposes.
What are Special about them
•    Basically a can cooler koozies are meant to be used throughout the year such that promotion can be carried on throughout the year.
•    They are available in an array of attractive colors that are sure to draw people’s attention.
•    They are best for drinks especially beer which are to be drank ice cold. So marketing with can coolers is unavoidable, comforters as well as helpful in display of marketing message.
•    Most of the websites offering with koozies provide the scope of customizing them according to the need of the customers.
•    Apart from a variety of colors they are also available in a no of shapes ranging from narrow to wide so as to accommodate not only cans but also bottles.
•    They can be used everywhere be it a show, a wedding or school.
When searching for the best and cheap koozies look nowhere beyond Custom Koozy(  We have used them for years and they always impress us.