How to Make Your Website More Readable

Creating a website could be challenging; not only do you need to have a site that is suitable for your target market but you must also ensure that your site will have all the qualities of a readable website. But what is a readable site anyway? has a great aritcle along with there tips should help…Simply put, visitors are more likely to check out a site that they can read AND understand. Reading a site is easy but understanding and moving a site could be tricky. If your site is not readable and customers find it hard to move about then you may end up losing visitors even before they check out your products.
Formatting is important
Choose a font size and style that your customers could easily read and understand. If you are going to present long articles like reviews, product information and blog entries then make sure that these are presented in an easy to read and efficiently formatted manner. There must be different paragraphs to allow your visitors to rest their eyes as they check out your content. Bullet points must also be used to provide specific or step by step information. You must also make use of creative formatting styles like using videos, pictures and creative titles.
Navigation should be a breeze
Definitely moving from one page to another should be easy; there must be very little time to do so. Remember that any lag will cause customers to check out other sites instead. Lagging screens are mostly due to your content. Usually ads, videos, scrolling or moving images and different styles will affect how your page is loaded. To improve site readability you should also have a menu that will allow your users to move from one item to another.
Mobile-friendly version available
You can never deny that mobile devices allow you to access the web from anywhere and therefore your site should also have this feature. And just like online customers, mobile customers will also look for another site to visit if they find your website difficult to read, hard to navigate and if the page takes too long to load. What you can do is to use your smartphone or android phone and try to view your site from the device; move from one page to another and try to access common site functions. You should definitely invest in a customer-friendly mobile design to help your business become more accessible to customers.
Evergreen content
Finally, when you create a site or a blog site, use content that will be usable for years to come. Content that is just based on hype or a trend will just be needed temporarily while banking on content that customers are keen on looking for will certainly make your site worthwhile. You need to update outdated content, post updates like news items, press releases or related items or issues to your site. Remember that visitors are looking for updated information as well as information that they will need to solve their problems on a long term basis.