Make money with amazon

You may have an affiliate ID you use to sell Amazon products on your blog. A site called BloggerKit makes that very easy to do, tying content-related products to blog posts. All you have to do is copy some javascript to your blog template, and write a special keyword string into your post.

Within a given post add this line: bk_keywords:product name. Be sure and end the line with a period.

Here’s a live example: bk_keywords:Canon Powershot SD450. (I’ve added the javascript below, so you can see products being advertised.) You can also hide the keywords by using comment tags and span tags.

Though I don’t sell stuff via this blog or carry advertising, BloggerKit provides a cool tool for those who would like to. In fact, if you have a very niche-specific blog – digital cameras for example – this would be extremely useful. Give it a try.