What is a koozie? Koozie is basically used for holding chilled beverages. They keep the chilled beverages from getting warm plus koozies also prevent the condensation from the chilled bottles to get on your hands and other surfaces. Koozies are very handy in parties and other social gatherings. They are available in many different great styles, colors and designs. You can also get koozies in various sizes in order to hold different kinds of beverages. So you have the liberty to select the koozies according to your likes and requirements.

Koozies are very useful in many ways. They, as we discussed earlier are handy during parties and now-a-days koozies are also used as wedding favors. They make great and memorable wedding favors. They can be personalized according to the interests and wedding theme. Koozies are printed with the names of the bride and the groom along with the wedding date. Plus an image like wedding rings, two doves or glasses of champagne is also added to make the koozies more attractive.

Koozies can also be customized according to various kinds of parties like for example for a children’s party they can be designed and decorated in a theme that will interest the kids. Fun images and pictures can be printed or glued to the koozies to make them more attractive for the children. Koozies can prove to be a great keepsake for anyone and everyone. You can use them as gifts for occasions like birthdays or you can gift koozies to new parents or grand parents.

Koozies also make a great promotional product for brands and companies. They are economical and durable. The company can target a large bunch of people at the same time by the help of koozies. The company can customize the koozies with their brand name and logo plus a promotional slogan. They can easily distribute their personalized koozies on any public event like parties or a sport event.

Koozies being a durable product can be used by the people over and over again. All these great features make koozies very popular among companies as promotional products. The company can buy these koozies in a bulk as the larger the quantity the lesser will be the total cost. Plus the companies have the liberty to customize the koozies exactly the way they want. If they are distributing the koozies on the occasion of an outdoor game then the companies must also print the details of the game on the koozies. This will help the koozies to promote the company as well as act as a memento. People will tend to keep it safe for a long time.

Koozies can be distributed not only on the occasion of an outdoor game but on events like picnics and local parades also. Company that is associated with kid’s products can easily promote their products by distributing their personalized koozies in schools.

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So you can understand that koozies serve many useful purposes. They can easily be obtained from the market and also from various online stores. The freedom to customize the koozies can work wonders for many people.